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Contactis Contact Center

Contactis Contact Center

Over 70% of business clients services only via Contact Center!

Effective client service requires precise knowledge about the individual client's needs and behaviours. Gaining knowledge that allows us to gain a competitive edge requires systematic gathering and analysis of information from Clients obtained within the Contact Center.

Contactis Contact Center

  • is a comprehensive and multi-channel process system support that ensures central management of communication and supporting the maintenance of client relationships using modern means of telecommunication;
  • it ensures the optimisation of the business process by maximising the effectiveness of Contact Center consultants;
  • allows smooth integration with various business systems, thereby creating the backbone of the company management infrastructure.

The challenges of our Clients

In a modern, competitive business, the company's success strongly depends on the client service quality and efficiency. Investment in the right client support centre not only improves non-quantifiable indicators, such as client satisfaction or the company image, but also has a direct influence on the improvement of income and the decrease of costs.

How to enhance effectiveness and cost optimisation while ensuring the optimum client satisfaction?

Public administration

  • How to guarantee quick and easy service of works submitted by the users in public offices?
  • How to optimise information processes in an office and take some load off the core employees while offering a higher service standard?

Finances (banking and insurance)     Energy branch

  • How to ensure the highest quality service for a very large Client base?
  • How to meet the increasing Client demands regarding the service speed and a possibility of using various communication channels?

Transport and logistics   Trade and services              

  • How to deal with the very competitive market and price competition?
  • How to provide an increasingly higher level of Client service while optimising costs?
  • How to optimise the process of reaching the potential client with accurate information?


It's an open, highly flexible modular solution. It's a simple, intuitive Contact Center system that integrates all communication channels used to contact the Client. It allows complex, professional support of the Client thanks to the embedded CRM system and the Scripter module. Our unique formula of flexible licensing ensures freedom in actions and the undertaken marketing campaigns while providing high quality parameters and cost optimisation.

Why us?          

When implementing projects for the largest Polish companies and public institutions, we gained unique knowledge and experience. These enabled us to develop our own high quality ICT solutions in accordance with the SCRUM methodology.

High quality of maintenance services         

The application of the Contactis Service Desk system, which includes remote automatic monitoring of the functioning of the Customer’s application, ensures the efficient handling of notifications and continual, pro-active support.  guarantees the high quality of the delivered products. Furthermore, it ensures the fast and full adaptation to the individual expectations of the Customer and complex support - 24h/day – every day and at every stage of cooperation.