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Contactis D-Desk

Contactis D-Desk

Integration of multiple communication channels in a iniversal and multifunctional device. Effect - quicker communication, quicker assistance!

Contactis D-Desk is a modern IT platform dedicated to handle processes executed by the dispatching desk. The platform, designed in close collaboration with Clients, constitutes a unique combination of our long experience in the area of designing systems supporting the service of critical processes (including specifically life threatening situations) with state of the art It and telecommunication technologies.

The functional and user friendly interface enabling rapid access to means of communication, the option of building a common queue of calls for various communication channels, prioritisation of calls and location services presented on an integrated map interface are the major elements of Contactis D-Desk solution.


Integrated communication systems, which place emphasis on the speed, effectiveness and efficiency of the decision making process, are used in all sectors:

  • Public administration (specifically including rescue and uniformed services)
  • Power sector
  • Transport and logistics

Public administration  Power sector

  • How to effectively manage the notifications transmitted to alarm help-lines (112, 99x), specifically in crisis and life threatening situations?
  • How to guarantee the efficient information flow between the dispatching desks and the resource and uniformed services operating in the field?
  • How to effectively supervise a critical infrastructure (roads and railways, airports and stations, public utility buildings, utilities distribution networks: electrical energy, gas, water, etc.)?

Transport and logistics

  • How to effectively manage the means of transporting people or goods and optimise the logistics processes irrespective of the type of held means of communication?
  • How to effectively, quickly and precisely collect notifications from drivers, machine operators 

Our solution - Contactis D-Desk

Contactis D-Desk – reliable dispatch platform. Integration of many communication channels guarantees efficient organisation and effective management of critical processes. Integration with GPS systems and use of a map interface supported by positioning services facilitates a quick decision making process and professional coordination of activities in crisis situations.

The desk is operated with the support of a touch screen. The working space of the screen was arranged in collaboration with the dispatching services and executes the key requirements from a dispatching perspective:

  • simultaneous service of multiple calls and incidents (presentation of waiting calls, priorities management, information on communication channels)
  • switching functions (taking the calls, transfer of calls, tele and video-conference set-up)
  • specialised phonebooks (presented in the form of panels with buttons)
  • quick dial of phone numbers (set of key contact numbers)

All functionalities are available from the basic screen level, minimising the incident reaction time and increasing the effectiveness of dispatcher actions.

The optionally available functionalities of proactive monitoring of the status of objects and users collaborating with the dispatcher, e.g. status and geolocation of each user, stream audio and/or video preview of monitored objects (e.g. means of public transport, objects of strategic importance, etc.) additionally increase the effectiveness of the entire solution.

WHY US?          

When implementing projects for the largest Polish companies and public institutions, we gained unique knowledge and experience. These enabled us to develop our own high quality ICT solutions in accordance with the SCRUM methodology.

High quality of maintenance services         

The application of the Contactis Service Desk system, which includes remote automatic monitoring of the functioning of the Customer’s application, ensures the efficient handling of notifications and continual, pro-active support.  guarantees the high quality of the delivered products. Furthermore, it ensures the fast and full adaptation to the individual expectations of the Customer and complex support - 24h/day – every day and at every stage of cooperation.