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Contactis Emergency

Contactis Emergency

Full guarantee of emergency hotline availability, support of up to 5,000 requests simultaneously!

Contactis Emergency is a specialised system that fully guarantees the availability of hotlines dedicated for support of mass numbers of emergency requests and crisis situations with life endangerment, regardless of the chosen communication channel.

Contactis Emergency was developed in the course of more than ten years of cooperation with energy companies. Initially, it was a response to the main challenge that arises in the industry in the case of a very vast fault, i.e. receiving a great number of fault reports in a short time, and informing the Clients about the planned time of removing them.

Currently, it is a complex, referential system dedicated for the support of all types of emergency hotlines (99x, 112), both in power industry and the public administration branch.

The challenges of our Clients

The strategy based on Client Satisfaction is a necessity nowadays – that is the principle which is a basis for practically any responsible company or public institution. For chosen branches, however, there is a much greater statutory priority: providing security. It means that each institution and company obliged to carry out such an obligation should deploy a solution which will respond to the challenges ahead. 

How to guarantee the availability of an emergency hotline in life risk situations?

Energy branch Public administration

  •  How to effectively handle a very large number of reports generated in a small amount of time, which is characteristic for crisis situations, such as power faults or natural disasters?
  • How to perform the statutory obligation of informing the receivers about the expected time of the fault removal and notify them in advance about the terms and duration of planned interruptions of supply for power, gas and other utilities?
  • How to maintain high quality parameters of handling reports without the need to increase resources and costs required to support the hotline?
  • In the case of risk and crisis situations, how to guarantee efficient information flow between dispatch centres and the emergency and security staff?
  • How to perform the statutory obligation of availability for the 112 alarm hotline in the entire country, with simultaneous support for the e-call standard?
  • How to effectively supervise critical infrastructure, such as: transport (roads, railways, airports, railway stations etc.), healthcare facilities, utilities distribution (water, heat etc.) at all levels of local self-government?

Our solution - Contactis Emergency

Process automation - up to 90% of mass reports can be handled without human participation.

An option for the system to handle any communication channels (phone, text messages, e-mail and WWW websites), great system scalability (handling up to 5,000 simultaneous connections) and implementation of instant support of priority connections guarantees 100% of consultant availability to handle requests that regard life endangerment in a time shorter than 10 seconds. 

Why us?        

When implementing projects for the largest Polish companies and public institutions, we gained unique knowledge and experience. These enabled us to develop our own high quality ICT solutions in accordance with the SCRUM methodology.

High quality of maintenance services         

The application of the Contactis Service Desk system, which includes remote automatic monitoring of the functioning of the Customer’s application, ensures the efficient handling of notifications and continual, pro-active support.  guarantees the high quality of the delivered products. Furthermore, it ensures the fast and full adaptation to the individual expectations of the Customer and complex support - 24h/day – every day and at every stage of cooperation.