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Contactis Service Desk

Contactis Service Desk

High quality of maintenance services!                  

Contactis Service Desk

  • Complex support - 24/7 at every stage of cooperation
  • Pro-active monitoring of the functioning of the Customer’s application
  • Guarantee of the high quality of the delivered products
  • Efficient handling of notifications

The application of the Contactis Service Desk system, including the remote automatic monitoring of the functioning of the Customer’s application, ensures the efficient handling of notifications and continual, pro-active support. This guarantees the high quality of the delivered products. Furthermore, it ensures fast and full adaptation to the individual expectations of the Customer and complex support - 24h/day – every day and at every stage of cooperation.

What do our Customers expect with regards to cooperation?

  • Reliability of the serviced solutions – and in the case of any failure, its fastest possible repair – the shortening of the response and repair times;
  • High availability of the Service Centre;
  • Transparency of the undertaken service activities – so that the Customer will know when, how long and how we work for them;
  • Error-free operation – so that the undertaken activities will bring the intended effect, which is to ensure the minimisation of the risk of error repetition;
  • Reliable, accurate and regular reporting on the conducted works;
  • Minimisation of the involvement of Customer’s employees where possible, this is due to the integration with the service systems of external companies which are operated by the Partner’s services.

The response to requirements defined in this way is the Contactis Service Desk which automates the course of the maintenance service and ensures complex reporting and the settlement of the maintenance procedure implementation. What is more, the Customer obtains access to additional services provided in the SaaS model, allowing complex analyses and reports that exceed the maintenance procedures to be obtained. For instance, it is possible to report the parameters of operation of the Customer’s hotline, through which the quality of service provided to their end customers is monitored.

Contactis Services Desk system                 

  • guarantees reliable and fast tools for reporting faults to the Customers, and ensures permanent access to the repair status and reports;
  • due to the automation of the system monitoring and the implementation of the early warning solutions of potential problems, serious failures are prevented before they even occur;
  • ensures round-the-clock readiness to undertake maintenance work irrespective of adverse factors such as power failure or equipment failure.