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The high quality of Customer service in companies and institutions has nowadays become a necessity. A strategy based on Customer satisfaction is a long-term process of building relationships with the Customer. It requires patience and investments in solutions intended for complex Customer relationship management which can meet the challenges of the respective sectors

The major challenges of our Customers have been listed below. If you wish to find out more, select the industry of interest to you. There, you will find a broader description of this subject.

Challenges of our Customers

The Energy sector                     

  • How do we ensure the effective handling of a large number of simultaneous calls in emergency situations, e.g. power grid failures or natural disasters?

Public administration      

  • How do we ensure the quick and convenient handling of matters reported by area inhabitants?

Transport and logistics   

  • How do we notify the dispatch services quickly and effectively of road accidents, e.g. failures and incidents, and how is it then possible to coordinate the following actions?

Finance (banking and insurance)  

  • How do we meet the growing requirements of Customers with regards to the speed of service and the possibility of using different communication channels?

Trade and services           

  • How do we ensure higher service levels to the Customers while simultaneously optimising costs?

Here are our solutions 

The Pirios products, which have been developed over many years together with our Customers, are characterised by complexity and complementarity. Because of this, we are able to deliver an effective solution that supports practically every element of the customer service process.