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Our advantages

A Strategy based on Customer satisfaction


  • Our company holds a stable position on the market, resulting from many years of cooperation with the largest companies and institutions in Poland, which operate in strategic sectors of the economy. 


  • We are characterised by invention in action, speed of response and change implementation, all this with the maintenance of the quality of the implemented solutions. Our crew includes over 30 IT specialists, forming 4 scrum teams that focus on the creation and adaptation of software using agile methods of project management, the results of which are faster benefits for Customers and their satisfaction from the work’s progress. We ensure the high performance of the software offered by us and redundancy for critical elements of the system, owing to which our Customers can rest assured that the continuity of operation will be maintained.


  • We follow the latest global trends in technology, and the evidence of this can be seen in the solutions offered by us, which use the latest technologies related to, among other things, speech recognition and synthesis and natural language processing and voice biometry. 


  • We provide strictly customised solutions, modifying them at source code level. By using modern ICT technologies in our products, which include open and modular architecture, we guarantee the possibility of system development to our Customers, depending on the market requirements.