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PeakOne is the combination of mature telecommunications system with the latest accomplishments od IP technology.

PeakOne Enterprise IP PBX

  • is an ICT platform that integrates many communication channels, such as: analogue telephony, ISDN, VoIP, GSM or radio systems;
  • integrates the functions of a modern telephone exchange and application server using the structured cabling already installed in the company.
  • its basic function is to ensure complex audio and video communication using all the available telecommunication resources of the Customer.

Challenges of our Customers                 

Public administration                  The Energy sector

Finance (banking and insurance)

Transport and logistics               Trade and services

  • How do we make sure that many thousands of calls are handled simultaneously?
  • How do we select a solution which is fully independent of the hardware platform preferred by the Customer?
  • How do we select a technologically advanced solution which can easily be managed on your own and which ensures a simple and intuitive interface?
  • Which telecommunications platform allows the free configuration and connection of the system even by a non-professional?

Our solution - PeakOne Enterprise IP PBX

While creating PeakOne Enterprise, particular attention was paid to making the system constitute a solution which fulfils the following key requirements.

  • High efficiency                     

By integrating the features of a mature telecommunications system with the latest accomplishments of IP technology, the PeakOne system ensures the handling of many thousands of calls at the same time.

  • Reliability and security                   

Guaranteeing the continuity of the operation of the services is one of the greatest challenges in implementing and maintaining telecommunications systems for very demanding corporate customers. For this reason, PeakOne uses different mechanisms, which are in place to ensure protection of the service against unforeseen events. In order to provide protection against the failure of a single physical server, virtualisation mechanisms are used. In order to ensure protection at the level of the application layer, integrated mechanisms, which allow the continuous operation of the system in the case of the failure of any system node, are used – among others – the “floating” IP address functionality, due to which, if a single system node failure occurs, the system is still continuously available at the same address. All this, in combination with the application of its Session Board Controller, makes PeakOne a classic solution with high availability. On top of this, the System enables the load balancing of connections between many nodes, thanks to which, the system capacity and reliability may easily be increased.

  • Universality              

It does not matter whether the respective components are activated in a virtual environment or on the physical servers of any manufacturer. The PeakOne solution is ”hardware independent”, that is, it is fully independent of the hardware platform preferred by the Customer. Neither is it of any significance, which telecommunications technologies are used by the Customer, both from the operator’s point of view (SIP, ISDN PRI/BRI, analogue lines FXS/FXO, GSM, trunking analogue or digital lines), and from the point of view of the external user (analogue telephones, fax machines, hardware or software telephones – VoIP, etc.) – all standard interfaces are supported by the PeakOne system.

  • Complementarity                 

Since the very beginning, the system has been designed to perfectly cooperate with and complement the functionality of other solutions offered by Pirios. PeakOne, as the telecommunications layer, presently constitutes the base for the whole series of Contactis products: Contact Center, Emergency, Automation, D-Desk or Service Desk.

  • Functionality            

The product is addressed, in particular, to enterprises which expect technologically advanced communications solutions which they can manage on their own. The innovation of the solution, based on a maximally intuitive and simple interface, allows for the free configuration and connection of the system even by a non-professional.

Why us?                             

When implementing projects for the largest Polish companies and public institutions, we gained unique knowledge and experience. These enabled us to develop our own high quality ICT solutions in accordance with the SCRUM methodology

High quality of maintenance services 

The application of the Contactis Service Desk system, which includes the remote automatic monitoring of the functioning of a Customer’s application, ensures the efficient handling of notifications and continual, pro-active support. This guarantees the high quality of the delivered products. Furthermore, it ensures the fast and full adaptation to the individual expectations of the Customer and complex support - 24h/day – every day and at every stage of cooperation.