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Product description

A new era in intelligent Client communication!

Contactis Contact Center

Effective client service requires precise knowledge about the individual client's needs and behaviours. Gaining knowledge that allows us to gain a competitive edge requires systematic gathering and analysis of information from Clients obtained within the Contact Center.

System modules

Call Distribution

The main CC module responsible to handling phone connections:

  • Inbound – hotline, client service, helpdesk service lines;
  • Outbound – telesales, marketing, complaints and technical support;

as well as other communication channels: phone, fax, e-mail, WebChat, SMS text messages and WebPhone with queuing and distribution based on advanced algorithms of call distribution defined by the Client.

  • Inbound – handling inbound connections

The Contactis Contact Center solution has an advanced Automatic Call Distribution system (ACD) for distribution and intelligent redirecting of calls, using information about the agent skills (SBR, Skill Base Routing) with a possibility of creating advanced scenarios, e.g. priority service for VIP clients, or assigning a preferred consultant to a client.

  • Outbound – marketing campaigns

The Contactis Contact Center allows performing outbound campaigns in manual and automatic modes. The basic variants: preview, progressive and predictive were enhanced with fully automatic ones, that is, without the participation of consultants; blending is understood as simultaneous support of inbound and outbound traffic, intelligent support of Call Back and Skill Base Routing type connections in outbound traffic. The provided integration with CRM systems allows the consultants to get well acquainted with the subject matter, previous contacts with the Client and introduce information regarding the call results.

The Contactis Contact Center performs well in implementations, where the key assessment indicator is the consultant effectiveness, most often understood as the number of minutes on call per hour and in campaigns where the main focus is put on individual Client approach. In mass campaigns, the predictive mode ensures the call time ratio of approx. 50 minutes per hour. The preview mode with client selection allows the Consultant to perform a call only after he or she gets fully acquainted with the Client's subject matter.

Contactis Automation

Contactis Automation will be useful in cases where the dialogue can be automated or the call has to be disciplined. It's an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) module, a system that automatically plays back voice messages to calling clients, enhanced with a function of dynamic generating of Text to Speech (TTS) messages based on speech synthesis tools.

However, the possible applications of Contactis Automation reach far further – thanks to the use of modern technologies, we can build advanced solutions using biometric verification of the caller and implement the Client service via a virtual agent.

Contactis Voice Pass

The technology that allows biometric verification of the caller (authorisation using the caller voice analysis). This method is simpler and much safer than the methods used so far (verification questions or entering a PIN using the phone keypad).

Contactis Voice Agent

In case the traffic is exceptionally large or when we want to optimise the process and make the Client support quicker, the system offers the Contactis Voice Agent, which uses Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and a Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine to carry out a dialogue with the caller and prepare, for instance, a predefined request to the consultant based on the gathered information. A conversation with a virtual agent resembles talking with a live consultant. The caller may formulate his or her needs in a spontaneous and natural way; the virtual agent understands open expressions, without the applied speech structure.


CRM is a tool used for gathering information about Clients who contact the Contact Center employees using various communication channels. The Client Sheet is a set of all Client information and includes phone and address information, a history of contact, archived calls, e-mails, sessions, chat sessions and tasks to be performed related with the performance of CC actions for the client.


This module allows simple and intuitive creation of call scenarios without the need to know any programming language or script language.

Media Recorder

Recording and archiving incoming and outgoing calls; the recordings are integral to the client records, possibility to analyse, assess and encrypt (GIODO compliance).

Knowledge Base, Training & Coaching

Used for reliable spreading of important information between consultants. An embedded knowledge base module makes it possible to not only place text elements there, but also PDF documents, links to websites or images.

Reporting & Monitoring

The system shares a set of tools that allow organisation and presentation of data in three forms: predefined static reports, report wizard and online statistics (Dashboard). Additionally, the system shares a module that integrates data originating from all Contactis Contact Center modules, presenting them on large screens or display boards (WallBoard).

User Interface


Application for a Contact Center agent. The primary role of the agent is to support incoming contact from clients, using available communication channels, active participation in launching marketing campaigns to which the agent is assigned, and performance of other tasks ordered by the Supervisor.


The Contact Center Supervisor application is a module intended for people that supervise groups of agents. Thanks to current access to information about all resources and agents, the Supervisor can react to new events on an ongoing basis. The set of reports and statistics about each agent, all queues and incoming connections are all available to the Supervisor.

Integration with external systems

Mechanisms implemented in the Contactis Contact Center make it possible to integrate the platform with external systems and share specific functions of the Contact Center to other applications and systems. The Contactis Contact Center System can be integrated with any external systems using the Web Services technologies or access mechanisms to the client's databases. It also shares the so-called connectors to various external systems, incl. Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, SAP, Update7, Siebel.