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Product description

Contactis Automation

In the case of amassed incoming calls which could result in a limited availability of hotline consultants, the people calling from the area affected by a mass fault, the process of receiving reports is activated in automatic mode carried out by CVA (Contactis Voice Agent). The deployments completed so far show that up to 75% of reports are registered automatically thanks to the dialogue between the CVA and the Client.

Messaging Studio

The message wizard assigns the message template to the area affected by the mass fault, with the information about the planned time of its removal. Thanks to this, each person, immediately after connection receives a precise message with the information about the faults present in the area from which he or she is calling.


Allows publishing messages on websites, social media portals (e.g. Facebook, Google+) and other portals (e.g. wiadomości24.pl) or e-customer service office type systems.


Ensures automatic performance of information campaigns about planned works or current faults or risks. Defined addressees (e.g. crisis management centres, public utility entities, key clients) are informed relatively earlier about the incidents that are significant from their point of view.

Location Services

The visualisation module that uses the map as an interface for report management. Thanks to the presentation of all key information on the map (active reports, damaged infrastructure, areas affected by a fault/hazard, current location of mobile staff) a dispatcher will immediately assign the task performance to the field unit that is nearest to the event.

Incident Register

The module the purpose of which is to receive the report quickly and with precision.


A tool integrated with the Ticketing system module that notifies the users about the reports assigned to them or raising the alarm about sudden occurrences that require immediate reaction (e.g. registration of a report related with risk to life).

Client Directory

A client directory module that allows the creation of a register for receiver contacts and their alignment with the infrastructure topology.

Dispatch & Tracking System

A module the purpose of which is to distribute reports to the relevant services and manage the performance status. The built-in functionality of the on-line analysis of the current mass occurrences optimises the generation of the performance events by grouping the reports.

Mobile Client

It allows users to assign requests to units working in the field and handling them using tablets or smartphones. Thanks to this, the field services have the same scope of information about the event as the dispatch centres.

Reporting & Monitoring

The system shares a set of tools that allow organisation and presentation of data in three forms: predefined static reports, report wizard and online statistics (Dashboard). Additionally, the system shares a module that integrates data originating from all the Contactis Emergency modules, presenting them on large screens or display boards (WallBoard).