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Product description

A new era in intelligent communication with the Customer!

Contactis Automation

This system supports ICT customer service, with particular consideration given to hotline and Contact Center systems. It proves its value perfectly wherever it is possible to automate the dialogue with a Customer. In its simple form, the system consists of the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) module, enhanced by the TTS (Text to Speech) tools. When implemented, it is also possible to create advanced solutions that support Customer service.

System modules    

Contactis Voice Agent

This is most frequently used in those situations where the number of customers using the hotline is exceptionally large, and as a result of this, the number of Contact Center posts available at a given moment turns out to be insufficient or when methods of cost optimisation are sought or when it becomes critical to speed up the Customer service process. The Contactis Voice Agent module, owing to the ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) technology and the use of the NLP (Natural Language Processing) engine can conduct a dialogue with the caller and prepare, for instance, a predefined notification for a consultant on this basis.

Contactis Voice Pass

This is the technology that allows biometric caller verification and its authorisation by means of the interlocutor’s voice analysis. Such a method is faster and much more secure than the methods used so far (verification questions or PIN entry using phone buttons).