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Presentation at the Webinar on Digitalization in Healthcare

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We participated in the webinar ‘Digitalization of Healthcare Facilities’ held on November 28, 2023, organized by the Polish Institute of Business Development. It was a great opportunity to share our experiences and insights on the use of technology in the medical sector.

Our sales directors, Dawid Kędzia and Aleksander Biernacki, presented the presentation ‘Optimizing Profits, Minimizing Costs: Effective and Proven Solutions for Patient Service,’ which aroused interest among the webinar participants. The conversation focused on how telemedicine and digital tools are becoming increasingly important in the daily work of medical facilities.

During the session, we discussed how automation and AI solutions can improve patient care and help better manage facilities. We emphasized that although telemedicine is often seen as something of the future, it is already an integral part of healthcare.

We are ready to share knowledge and experience on how to use these tools to improve daily operations, time management, and increase efficiency. We encourage you to follow our news and participate in future events where we will continue the discussion on the development of digital solutions in medicine.

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