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Contactis DDesk

Contactis DDesk: Your Control Center in the world of dispatcher connectivity!

contactis d-desk
Integration of all communication channels in a universal and multifunctional device for dispatch services.

Contactis DDesk

Contactis DDesk is a dispatch communication environment that finds application in broadly understood critical communication. Integration with the GPS system and the possibility of using a map interface allows for quick decision-making and coordination of actions in crisis situations. Additionally, automatic handling of reports enables managing situations with very high intensity (supported by IVR technology with TTS service).

Due to its functionality, it can be connected with the PeakOne telecommunication platform and Contactis Emergency, dedicated to the operation of emergency helplines 112 and 99x, and automatic eCall notification systems.

Integration of multiple communication channels in a universal and multifunctional solution.

The Dispatcher Console ensures quick implementation, intuitive operation, and the support your Business needs!

The intuitive console is based on a touchscreen, and the workspace organization is the result of collaboration with experienced dispatch services.

Contactis DDesk - Your Communication Command Center!

Maximize Your Team’s Efficiency with our Dispatcher Console, which is not only the front of the solution but also a key element in making quick decisions, establishing connections, and managing field teams and infrastructure.

With Contactis DDesk, you gain access to dedicated contact books, quick access to emergency numbers, management of contact data content, handling of group contacts, and much more, all in one intuitive and configurable user interface!

Simple, Universal, Multifunctional Solution*

Number of consoles
Number of dispatchers
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Number of field brigades
*data based on one client

What sets Contactis DDesk apart?


Due to the nature of the processes handled, including life-threatening reports, the high availability of the system is crucial for us when creating the solution.



The console interface, designed and created together with users, is intuitive, comfortable, and precisely meets the needs of dispatch services.


Easy customization of the solution for specific users in terms of layout view or programming specific fields.

Dispatcher Console — managing communication in various sectors

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