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Energy sector

The energy sector is a key element of the global infrastructure, responsible for the production, distribution, and consumption of energy. During our over 25 years of work, we have thoroughly learned this industry, facing numerous challenges and expectations in customer service.

Solutions from Pirios help maintain the highest quality of customer service – and that
without the need to increase internal resources and costs.

Effective ticket handling in crisis situations

In crisis situations, time and responsiveness are crucial – especially if human safety and health are at stake. Leaving a ticket unanswered or mislabeling it can lead to an avalanche of negative consequences. To prevent this, it is important to choose proven, modern, and flexible solutions that relieve employees, minimize the risk of error, and elevate customer service to a higher level. These solutions are offered by Pirios.

Managing emergency helplines - challenges and solutions

Contact Emergency

CE is a professional system for handling critical helplines. The automation of calls in case of mass connections and prioritization streamlines internal processes, supports Customer Service, and allows for handling urgent, emergency tickets. A tool for handling helplines with time regime and priority, ensuring handling of tickets requiring quick and urgent response.

Help Desk

The Help Desk system is an integrated IT solution for managing and monitoring customer tickets. Its main goal is to provide technical support, answer questions, and solve problems.

  • Analytics and reports provide valuable information about customer behavior and team efficiency.
  • Systematic tracking of tickets ensures that no inquiry is overlooked. 
  • Faster and more precise responses to their inquiries.

A tool for managing enterprise resources at the client’s site. This is especially important for companies that undertake tasks outside the office – for example, in response to failures and defects.

  • Coordinating the activities of service technicians. 
  • Implemented mechanisms allow for quickly passing orders to the right subcontractors. 
  • Thanks to the system, orders from the Call Center are visible in the mobile application for subcontractors.
  • Push notifications ensure current information about new orders.
Contactis Automation
Contactis Automation

Contactis Automation are automation solutions designed to support IT customer service. It is based on AI technology – such as chatbot, voicebot, IVR, TTS – improving dialogue with the Client. 

  • AI-based algorithms tailor responses to individual customer needs. 
  • Automation of service shortens response time, reducing the response time for tickets and inquiries. 
  • The customer can get an answer to their question at any time — both at night and during the day.

IT Solutions for energy - speed, multichannel, and security



Rozwiązania, monitoring i ewentualne wsparcie prowadzone jest w systemie 24/7/365. I to na każdym etapie podejmowanej współpracy.



Handling multiple communication channels optimizes work time and costs. It thus ensures central communication management and helps maintain relationships with customers.

Bezpieczeństwo danych


Up to 75% of tickets are taken over automatically. This guarantees the handling of all important tickets – including those urgent, which may threaten health.

Energy industry leaders value our business knowledge,
as well as our substantive background and great culture.
Krzysztof Waniek - Department Manager

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