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Corporate Social Responsibility

The mission of Pirios and the Asseco Group is to improve the quality of life by delivering solutions for people and technology for business.

Pirios Collaboration Model - The Asseco Group not only creates a field for sales and cost synergies but also inspires us to act in the field of corporate social responsibility.
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PIRIOS - A socially responsible company

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept where companies incorporate social and environmental initiatives into their business operations.

Pirios, belonging to the Asseco Group, understands that long-term success depends not only on financial results but also on how social and environmental commitments are fulfilled.

For us at Pirios, CSR means daily small steps – from an animal-friendly office to supporting local initiatives. We believe that it is these small things that make a big difference and build our corporate culture based on care and cooperation.”
Marta Morycińska, Digital Marketing Director

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Ethical business

Transparency and honesty in action are the foundations for gaining trust not only among customers but also among our partners and employees.

Sustainable development

Incorporating sustainable development practices into operational and business processes minimizes the negative impact on the environment.

wsparcie społeczności

Community support

Engaging in social projects, volunteering, and charitable actions allows for supporting local initiatives.

Our initiatives

Health and well-being of employees

Corporate social responsibility starts from within. Therefore, we offer health programs for employees, hybrid working hours, Multisport cards, life insurance, and fruits in the office.

Green initiative

We are aware of the impact that technology can have on the environment. Therefore, we take care of energy efficiency in the office and recycling of computer equipment.

Animal-Friendly offices

At Pirios, we proudly promote an animal-friendly work environment. We believe that the presence of pets can contribute to improving the well-being and efficiency of our team.

Volunteering/charitable actions

We provide support where needed (including the Index of Successes program/Academy of the Future, Kindergarten No. 31 in Tarnow, Youth Educational Center in Warsaw, Center for Support of People with Intellectual Disabilities in Strzeżów Drugi, and DPS in Krakow).