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Finance and insurance

The finance, banking, and insurance sector is one of the most important pillars of the economy, playing a key role in capital management, lending, and risk management. Their broad and often complex range of services requires the use of specific, dedicated solutions that will elevate customer service to a higher level.

Our IT solutions for the finance sector combine flexibility,
speed, and intuitiveness.

Our IT solutions for banking are the support your customer will appreciate.

Both beginners and experienced players in the market often wonder how to combine service quality with a large volume of data. That’s when tailor-made solutions from Pirios, characterized by flexibility, security, but also scalability and the use of various communication channels, become extremely important.

Technologies supporting the finance, insurance, and banking sector

Contactis Contact Center

Contactis Contact Center is an open and modular system, distinguished by its great flexibility. Its complex functionality allows integrating various communication channels, improving daily customer service. Integrated CRM systems and the Scripter module tailor the solution to the needs of many businesses, ensuring high-quality parameters and cost optimization. Multichannel omnichannel communication ensures availability and consistency of service. Security is a very important parameter for us, which in the era of cyber threats guarantees the highest standards of protection of customer information.

Contactis Automation
Contactis Automation

Contactis Automation solutions such as voicebots and chatbots become key to meeting these expectations. The main goal is to automate dialogue, relieving the team and streamlining the entire process of conveying important information:

  • Automated service shortens response time, eliminating traditional queues.
  • Precise algorithms minimize the risk of human error. 
  • Customers can get an answer to their question at any time — day and night.

In the insurance industry, where speed and efficiency are key to success, the GEOService system can revolutionize your approach to Assistance services. For assistance companies and other field units, we offer software for managing work, coordinating resources, and supporting customers at the incident site.

  • Precise coordination of the activities of service technicians, sales representatives, and inspectors. 
  • Intelligent mechanisms allow for quickly passing orders to the right subcontractors — in the shortest possible time.
  • The ability to track the location of your field personnel, along with monitoring their status and route progress.
Help Desk

Contactis Services Desk is a comprehensive tool, distinguished by simple operation, quick configuration, and full automation in ticket registration.

  • Systematic tracking of tickets ensures that no inquiry is overlooked.
  • Effectively manage task allocation for agents and monitor their performance. 
  • Easy integration with CRM, ERP, or customer databases.

IT Solutions for finance and insurance


Service support and security

We realize how critical data security is in the financial sector. Our solutions comply with the highest security standards, protecting client data and transactions at every stage. The high quality of the delivered products is paired with comprehensive service support. We offer assistance in a 24/7 system at every stage of cooperation.

Autorskie rozwiązania

Individual approach

We understand the unique challenges and needs of the financial sector. We tailor our solutions to the individual requirements and business goals of our clients, offering modularity and scalability that grows with your business.

Automatyzacja i skalowalność

Automation and scalability

The AI, data analysis, and automation technologies we offer are world-class, enabling financial institutions to maintain a competitive edge. The solutions optimize business processes, maximizing team efficiency, ensuring 24/7 availability, and desired system scalability.

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