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Contactis GEOService

Contactis GEOService — a Field Service Management class system, created for companies that want to increase the efficiency of field teams and improve the quality of services provided.

Contactis GEOService - an intelligent geo-location platform for managing mobile units and field assignments.

What is Field Service Management?

Field Service Management (GEOService) is a comprehensive approach to coordinating and managing the activities of field teams, such as service technicians, sales representatives, or inspectors. GEOService systems enable planning, tracking, and optimizing processes and resources related to activities carried out outside the company’s headquarters.

Pirios tailors to your needs, offering a range of comprehensive solutions for your business. This ensures proper information flow and builds that valuable advantage over the competition. Managing field workers has never been so innovative!

GEOService — the key to resource optimization in the field

GEOService allows for automatic task allocation to field workers based on their location, skills, and availability. This minimizes unnecessary movement and maximizes work time utilization, streamlining a range of internal processes. Real-time tracking of workers allows managers to make quick decisions, responding to unforeseen circumstances such as breakdowns or schedule changes. Additionally, systems supporting field worker management can be integrated with route planning tools, allowing for the selection of the shortest and most efficient routes.

Contactis GeoService is an intuitive, Fast, and complete tool that supports a range of processes within the organization. GEOService is your path to excellence in field management.

Key benefits of implementing our GEOService solution in your company

Integration with other systems

GEOService can be integrated with a range of systems, allowing for a holistic approach to enterprise management.

24/7 Support

We offer 24/7 support – at every stage of cooperation.


GEOService allows for efficient task and resource allocation, which translates into better use of work time and reduction of operational costs.

Real-Time monitoring

Thanks to real-time tracking features, managers can monitor the progress of mobile worker tasks.

Rozbudowana funkcjonalność

Expanded functionality

Expanded functionality – from the Order module through the map interface, with the location of mobile services, to the mobile app for subcontractors and the mechanism for monitoring route progress.



Automatically created reports are the foundation of analyses created for further optimization of operations and identification of areas for improvement.

Scalability, reliability, flexibility of the system*

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active vehicles (GPS monitoring)
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serviced service providers
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monthly towing orders
*data based on one client

Modern management of mobile workers

Manage, nonitor, optimize – using Contactis GEOService.

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