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Advanced data communications solutions

Pirios S.A. specializes in the production and integration of ICT solutions that streamline customer service and enhance organizational efficiency.

Transforming customer service through technology

In the business world, managing call centers is crucial for achieving sales targets and maintaining high-quality customer service.

At PIRIOS, we understand these challenges and offer solutions that help our clients achieve these goals without any compromises.

What sets us apart?

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We follow global trends, offering our clients proprietary, innovative ICT solutions. We are pioneers in effectively using AI for customer service automation in voice, text channels, and implementing conversational systems in mobile applications.


We adapt solutions to the client’s needs. We do not use ready-made templates; instead, we tailor-make solutions, focusing on the client’s business goals while ensuring the highest standards of service.


Having implemented projects for the largest Polish companies and public institutions for 25 years, we have gained unique knowledge and experience. For the past 10 years, we have been automating business processes – with the last 5 years enhanced by AI.


Our solutions are used by the largest organizations in the country. We guarantee them effective support in managing client databases counting in millions and hundreds of thousands.



Our innovative approach and openness to change demonstrate our flexibility. We aspire to create solutions that perfectly fit our clients’ needs and bring them tangible benefits.


We work according to recognized standards and methodologies (Prince2, Agile), which allows us to ensure the high quality of the products delivered.

Combining innovation with flexibility, automation, and accessibility.

We provide comprehensive service:

Pirios ICT Solutions

Our portfolio offers a wide range of complementary products. Depending on your needs, you can choose Contact Center, Help Desk, Dispatch Control… or select them all for a consistent END-TO-END service.

Ensures the availability of an emergency hotline, allowing you to handle up to 5000 reports simultaneously!

A dispatch console that facilitates the management and organization of work. With it, you can provide assistance to your customers faster and more efficiently!

A suite of AI solutions supporting intelligent communication with the Customer.

A modular omnichannel solution supporting daily Customer Service. Currently, over 70% of them are serviced exclusively by the Contact Center!

A solution based on active support for customers who need immediate handling of their reports.

A system enabling fast and comprehensive handling of reported complaints and faults.

A solution aimed at both increasing the efficiency of field teams and improving the quality of services provided.

Manage communication effectively both within and outside your organization.

Innovative ICT Solutions for your business

The comprehensiveness of solutions from Pirios brings a range of benefits to different industries and the biggest market players. For many years, we have been supporting companies in effectively establishing contact with their customers, focusing on the automation of internal processes. Reliability, automation, and high availability are values that can benefit companies in sectors:

Secure your clients’ data. Automate client verification processes. Offer seamless multi-channel service.


Respond quickly to high-priority reports. Manage your technical team efficiently and mobilely. Minimize downtime through proactive monitoring.

Public sector

Provide society with quick access to information and services. Automate reporting processes and civic interactions. Improve the management of municipal services’ fieldwork.

Manufacturing companies

Increase the efficiency of field teams and ensure the highest quality of services. Streamline the entire back-office to diagnose problems faster.


Ensure a fast response about offers available 24/7. Launch chatbots and voicebots to answer questions at any hour of the day or night.

Other service companies

Stand out in the market through unique customer experiences. Offer personalized communication at every stage of the customer’s journey.

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