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Contactis Automation

Your Key to the World of Advanced Communication Automation

Automation at the Highest Level
Contactis Automation is not just technology, but a strategy that enables your company to reach a new level in customer interactions.

What is Contactis Automation?

Contactis Automation is a set of modern automation solutions supporting customer service. Our innovative solutions, such as IVR, Voicebot, and Chatbot, are designed to meet the challenges of the dynamically changing world of B2B and B2C communication, always focusing on quality and speed of service. The main goal of these tools is to automate dialogue with customers, thereby relieving human resources, accelerating process service, and building a competitive advantage.

Bots That Listen and Understand Your Customers

Our Chatbots and Voicebots are designed to provide smooth and natural experiences for your customers, offering them support and solutions when needed, while allowing your team to focus on more complex tasks and interactions.

Contactis ChatBOT

Rozumienie emocji

Understanding emotions

ChatBOT not only answers questions but also understands the intentions and emotions of your customers, providing responses that truly matter.

Artificial Intelligence

Optimizes costs and speeds up customer service processes, even in crisis situations.

Operowanie językiem naturalnym

Natural language operation

Our BOT continuously learns, thus better adapting to free-flowing conversation.

Self service

ChatBOT not only responds to questions but also understands the intentions and emotions of your customers, delivering meaningful answers.


24/7 Availability

Your customers deserve support at any time of the day or night. This solution never sleeps, and the chatbot is always ready to help!

Bezpieczeństwo danych


All interactions are protected by the highest security standards.

Contactis VoiceBOT

Swobodny dialog

Free-flowing dialogue

VoiceBOT not only conducts entire conversations but also responds to unstructured customer inquiries, thanks to advanced ASR and NLP technology that accurately understands customer needs.



VoiceBOT not only optimizes costs but also speeds up customer service processes, providing only quick and effective solutions. This is especially valuable in crisis situations when overloading the Contact Center is not advisable.

Process automation

The tool automatically directs calls to appropriate processes or queues in the Contact Center. Additionally, thanks to sequence recognition, it enables customers to resolve their issues in self-service mode.

Learning and development

The tool continuously learns, therefore increasingly better tailoring its responses to the ongoing dialogue.

Impact on conversion

The absence of queues increases customer satisfaction, and thus — the likelihood of their return.

Rozpoznawanie słów

Word recognition

The system recognizes words, directing the call to automated processes or the appropriate queue in the Contact Center.

Your virtual agent will take your business to the next level!

Chatbot or Voicebot? Customer Service Automation in the AI Era

AI BOTs from Pirios — Advanced Technology for Your Business


Customers have the option to talk with a human or a bot (e.g., in situations when the waiting time for a connection is extended).

Dynamic information flow

The ability to transfer the context of the conversation collected by the bot directly to the consultant shortens service time and better prepares the agent for the conversation.

Competitive advantage

With Contactis Automation, your company gains not only access to the most modern technologies but also the experience and knowledge of our experts, who are here to help you maximize the potential of automation, always focusing on the human element and quality of customer service.

IVR Module (Interactive Voice Response), Enhanced with Text-to-Speech (TTS) Tools

SIREN IVR — real-time service optimization

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a solution that automates telephone communication. IVR allows for the automatic reception of a telephone call, the issuance of voice messages, and the conduct of dialogue between the caller and the system using voice and DTMF keyboard (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency).

IVR is used for intelligent management of telephone traffic, e.g., directing calls to appropriate departments. IVR can also provide information to the caller without human intervention, making it an indispensable tool in many business sectors. Additionally, IVR often serves as an integration point between callers and Contact Centers, introducing additional optimization possibilities in communication. Before talking to a hotline operator, the customer has the opportunity to listen to previously prepared messages.

The IVR system can also be integrated with tools like Dialer, thereby gaining the ability to automatically make calls. Dialer initiates conversations with users, and IVR provides them with personalized messages and the possibility of handling their affairs automatically without human intervention, e.g., confirming appointments, reminding about loan repayments, conducting satisfaction surveys. Another point of integration can be bots, creating greater and more advanced automation possibilities.

Process automation

IVR allows for the automation of many processes, thereby relieving human resources.


IVR systems are customized to the individual needs of the company, integrated with domain-specific systems to provide personalized service to the caller.



IVR can handle large volumes of calls, which is especially important during increased activity of your customers.

Text to Speech — communication at a new level

Text to Speech (TTS) is an advanced technology that converts text into speech. Using specialized algorithms, TTS systems can generate speech that sounds natural and smooth, making them indispensable in many business applications.

Modern TTS solutions offer not only high-quality speech generation but also the ability to adjust tone, pace, and intonation, allowing for better alignment with specific business needs. Additionally, thanks to the continuous development of technology, TTS systems are becoming more cost-effective, making them an attractive solution for companies aiming to optimize their processes and increase customer satisfaction.

24/7 Support

We offer comprehensive support at every stage of cooperation — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Indywidualne Podejście

Individual approach

We ensure high quality and full adaptation to individual expectations. We listen, talk, and tailor solutions that meet specific needs.

autorskie rozwiązania

Proprietary solutions

Years of experience have allowed us to gain unique knowledge, which we use to develop our own quality IT solutions.

Contactis Automation - Your futuristic solution for excellence in customer communication

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We invite you to discover the possibilities offered by Contactis Automation and join companies that are already transforming their communication and customer service, achieving new levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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