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Contactis Emergency

Automate, Inform, React – all
with Contactis Emergency.

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Contactis Emergency - Strength in control, excellence in response!
Contactis Emergency is a professional system for handling high-priority calls. Regardless of the chosen communication channel, it operates in an automated manner, streamlining the process of transmitting important information – also in the case of mass calls. Companies from nearly every industry already use this functionality – from emergency helplines, through service and maintenance companies, to public administration sectors.

Key features of the modern Contactis Emergency

Automation that supports

Automated yet not devoid of the human dimension, the CE system ensures that every call, regardless of the channel and scale, is not only handled but also precisely classified in terms of its priority.

This solution guarantees responsiveness based on collected information. Thus, the analysis of the query and then searching internal data about failures facilitates the response process. In high-priority situations with strict regimes, the tool directly connects the client with a consultant.

Efficiency and scalability

A system of extraordinary scalability. Verified by the Polish market, it is a solution with an established position.

Proven performance in practice – The average number of calls annually to the 991 helpline is about 13 million (which makes it the second-largest helpline in the country). Proven in extraordinary situations – handling up to 100,000 calls in a day (e.g., during hurricanes or other dangerous weather phenomena).

Stability and Security that builds trust

Security and customer satisfaction are the foundations of our work. This is especially true for selected industries that are obligated to provide rapid assistance. Often even a second’s delay can have serious consequences — this tool thus minimizes the risk of losing a connection, caring for the customer’s safety.

Contactis Emergency allows for expected and swift response to high-priority events. The certainty and reliability of the solutions employed mean that it works continuously – also in life-threatening situations.

Contactis Emergency - versatility that serves all industries
From emergency helplines, through the service sector, to public administration - Contactis Emergency is a versatile tool that supports companies from different sectors in efficiently managing calls, even in the case of mass reports.

Why Contactis Emergency from Pirios?

With us, every report is treated with due attention, and your customers feel heard and understood, even in the most critical moments.


The system ensures stability and reliability in handling each call, even in the most critical situations, which is crucial for companies where each report can be a life-threatening situation or of significant business importance.

AI-supported solution

10 years of experience in process automation, the last 5 years supported by AI. The use of artificial intelligence for analysis, classification, and prioritization of calls enables faster and more precise responses to customer needs.

Sprawdzone przypadki użycia

Proven use cases

Application in important and demanding sectors, such as emergency helplines or the energy sector, shows that the system is proven and can be a trusted partner even in the most critical situations.

Wsparcie i doradztwo

Support and consulting

Offering not only a product but also expert support and advice in optimizing processes and industry best practices.

Bezpieczeństwo danych

Data security

Ensuring a high level of data and customer information security, which is key in building trust and meeting regulatory requirements.

Customer orientation

Established standards for handling sensitive customers, proactive monitoring ensures the highest quality of service. We provide fast and comprehensive support in a 24/7 system.

What sets us apart?

0 + years of
Working with clients in the energy sector
0 +
Possible number of simultaneously handled calls
About 0 mil
Calls handled annually on 991

The evolution of Contactis Emergency systems – high communication standards for many industries

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