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Service sector

The service sector refers to the branch of the economy that provides intangible goods and services instead of producing physical goods. This group includes courier companies, veterinary clinics, medical clinics, hotels, telecommunications and transport companies.

Our solutions can be a partner in perfecting your services.
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IT solutions for the service industry

This is the largest and fastest growing sector in many developed economies. The specificity and challenges associated with this extensive sector often necessitate the use of IT solutions. These tools must meet the high competitiveness of the market, combining optimization with the highest quality. This sector is based on active and smooth communication with the customer. Tailor-made solutions from Pirios can help in this.

Our IT solutions for the service industry

Contactis Contact Center

A dispatcher platform integrated with a GPS system. Thanks to this, quick decisions can be made – also in emergency situations.

  • Combining different communication channels in one tool ensures the consistency of messages – from radio communication to voice and telemetry communication.
  • Thanks to the touchscreen, communication management becomes intuitive and convenient.
  • Presenting waiting calls allows for ongoing control over communication.
Contactis Automation
Contactis Automation

A modern system enabling the integration of multiple communication channels. It supports responsive and fast contact and targeted response to the notification.

  • Automation using voicebots and chatbots ensures lightning-fast service of inquiries, reducing waiting time and increasing client satisfaction. 
  • Regardless of the time and day, your clients can always contact the company and get an answer to their questions.
  • Full synchronization with order, logistics, and CRM systems ensures precision and currency of the information provided.
Help Desk

Modern, fully automated tools based on AI (such as voicebot, chatbot, IVR, TSS). They support teleinformatics customer service, while unburdening staff resources.

  • Automation significantly reduces the waiting time for service. 
  • Systems are based on precise algorithms, minimizing the risk of errors. 
  • Unlimited working hours and multilingual bots eliminate time and language barriers.

Key technologies for service companies


24/7 Service support

We offer service support in a 24/7 system – at every stage of cooperation.



Pirios solutions are distinguished by an intuitive panel, simple operation, and speed of action.

Tailor-made solutions

We focus on conversation, exchanging expectations and possibilities, which allow us to tailor the perfect product to the needs of a specific sector.

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