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Contactis Contact Center

The foundation of professional customer service is conversation, active listening, and the ability to adapt to reported needs. To meet these, it’s essential to acquire and analyze data, which helps you better understand your audience. These, in turn, can be collected thanks to the flexible functionalities of the Contact Center system.

contactis contact center
89% of brands expect to compete mainly based on customer experience.

Efficiency and professionalism combined

Give your company a competitive edge with our Contact Center system — flexibility, efficiency, innovation! Our reliable approach helps not only create a targeted response but also build an advantage over the competition.

Contact Center system for demanding customers

The Contact Center system is an open, modular solution, tailored to the needs of modern companies. The intuitive omnichannel system allows the integration of multiple communication channels, streamlining and facilitating contact with customers. This comprehensiveness is thanks to the integrated CRM system and Scripter, which allow for flexible operation, rapid information exchange, marketing actions, and maintaining the highest quality of customer service.

Customers won't remember what you said or did. They will remember how they felt with you.
-Maya Angelou

Integration and flexibility — key Features of the Contactis Contact Center System


We follow global trends, offering customers innovative IT solutions. We are pioneers in effectively using AI for customer service automation and implementing conversational systems in mobile applications.

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Proprietary solutions

Over the years, we have completed projects for the largest Polish companies and public institutions. Our experience has enabled us to create proprietary, high-quality IT solutions, developed according to SCRUM methodology.



From Call Distribution, which is the main module responsible for telephone call management, through IVR, Contactis Voice Agent, Scripter, Media Recorder, and others. Contact center systems offer valuable flexibility, allowing you to choose the best solution for your business.


24/7 Availability

Ensures the optimization of the business process, maximizing the efficiency of Contact Center consultants. Utilizing the power of AI, voicebots and chatbots offer unprecedented efficiency in customer service. They adapt to the needs of your company, ensuring scalability and availability 24/7.



The Contact Center is a comprehensive system, integrating various channels and facilitating interaction with customers. It provides centralized communication management and helps maintain relationships that are essential for building a competitive advantage.

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Team management

Motivating Wallboards display real-time call center agent statistics, agent performance can be tracked through analytics and quality control scorecards for individuals and teams. Agent Dashboards allow tracking of all basic work parameters: status times, number of calls, effectiveness on marketing campaigns, view of task lists, all in one place.

Increase in Sales Unit Efficiency after CC Implementation*

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Increase in call pick-up rate
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Increase in lead identification
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Increase in sales campaign sales
*data based on one client

Contact Center Services tailored to your needs

Standards that distinguish our Contact Center systems

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After-Sales care

We offer comprehensive, round-the-clock support, focusing on individual approach and clear communication.



Along with remote automatic monitoring of the client’s application functioning, we provide efficient handling of reports and ongoing, proactive support.

Indywidualne Podejście

Individual approach

In cooperation, we avoid a templated approach and repetitive patterns. Instead, we prefer to listen, talk, and seek tailor-made solutions.

Evolution of Contact Center systems – high communication standards for many industries

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