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Contactis Ticketing system

A ticketing system is a universal tool for handling customer tickets. Extremely easy to use, intuitive, easy to configure, and an automated mechanism allows for registering and then handling complaints, breakdowns, or any other type of ticket. Our ticketing system will build an advantage that your customers will appreciate.

The ticketing system is the foundation of effective and comprehensive customer service. Thanks to it, in one place, you can register all issues and then quickly address them – exactly as your customer needs.

Ticketing System in practice — effective ticket management

Long waiting times for a response are the enemy of effective customer service. The ticketing system streamlines and automates this process, thereby increasing the chance for a rapid response to a ticket.

We tailor solutions for efficiency – we listen, propose, and implement a system for handling service tickets, considering the specific needs and past problems of our clients. All this to optimize time, improve communication, and build their competitive advantage.

Reliability and speed – key features of our ticketing system

moduł administracyjny

Administrative module

It allows you to quickly define the most important parameters and perfectly organize your team’s work.

tworzenie bazy klientów

Creating a customer/tcket database

Dedicated profiles and a list of tickets allow for collecting information, creating a history of tickets, and thus – quickly handling incoming complaints.


Reporting module

Creating and analyzing reports helps to document and organize collected orders. The ticketing system creates documentation automatically, unburdening team resources.


Too long waiting time is the enemy of good customer service. The automated system unburdens resources, thereby supporting a quick response.


Integration/API module

The ticketing system module allows for quick and easy connection with other systems, enabling the review of tickets, assigning priorities, filtering, and current commenting.

Zadowolenie klienta

Time saving

The ticketing system facilitates ticket management, unburdening from the tedious planning, assigning, and settling of tasks. The introduction of the system eliminates the need for creating a complicated communication process – everything happens automatically.

Implementation within the largest smart city project in Poland*

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Serviced residents
Integrations with domain systems
Number of languages supported by the chatbot
*data based on one client

Process optimization thanks to a modern ticketing system

In today’s dynamic business world, efficiency and speed of response to customer needs are the key to success. Many companies struggle with challenges related to managing tickets, which are often scattered, disorganized, and difficult to track. This is where tailor-made solutions from Pirios can help.


24/7 Support

We offer full support and servicing in a 24/7 system, 365 days a year. We offer our help at every stage of cooperation, focusing on comprehensiveness and clear communication.


We tailor-make, creating a service based on individual agreements, constant communication, and active listening to needs. Flexibility in selecting ticketing system modules allows us to create a perfectly tailored product.


We have over 25 years of experience working with the biggest players in the market.

How does technology affect the effectiveness of complaint handling?

The Ticketing System is an intuitive ticketing system that will help you build a fast and effective customer service process.

The evolution of contactis ticketing systems – high communication standards for many industries

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