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Contactis Help Desk

Simple, intuitive, and economical — that’s how your new ticketing system should look like.

Contactis Help Desk is a comprehensive tool, distinguished by simple operation, quick configuration, and full automation in the area of ticket registration.

Contactis Help Desk System

A functional tool that allows for quick reporting of malfunctions and overseeing repair status. A fully automated system enables monitoring and alerts about potential problems, improving contact with customers dealing with malfunctions and breakdowns in service or product.

The tool operates in full readiness, also in case of environmental changes, during breakdowns, and when adverse factors occur. Managing requests and incidents has never been so easy!

Why is it worth having a Help Desk System?

Help Desk for companies — Your new, comprehensive 24/7 Ticketing System

Comprehensive service support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pirios helps at every stage of cooperation – from implementation activities to maintaining IT infrastructure.

Help Desk – main functionalities

Comprehensive ticket handling

From gathering information, through creating notifications and reports, to automatic malfunction classification.


Access to reports

The possibility of detailed reporting of individual work stages. These reports can be generated automatically, streamlining work and leading to detailed documentation (thinking about partners, for instance).

role i uprawnienia

Roles and permissions

An advanced mechanism allows assigning specific permissions and roles, streamlining and organizing work on the system.

System for registering tickets and service work

Contactis Help Desk provides constant access to repair status and reports. Additionally, it enables automated reporting in emergency situations.

Automatic notifications

The tool allows for generating and sending automatic notifications (SMS, push, or email) to service personnel.


Contactis Help Desk enables efficient integration with the service system installed at the client’s location. Integration (including email) allows for bidirectional data exchange.

Ideal for small, nedium, and large companies offering technical support*

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Your company needs efficient customer service. Help Desk is its solid pillar, enabling intuitive and quick ticket registration - all in one place.

How can the Help Desk system change your company?

Customer service quality

The Help Desk system allows managing tickets which, without proper intervention, would lead to financial, reputational, and personnel consequences.

Prevention and reduced number of failures

An automated monitoring system allows for the implementation of preventive solutions. It’s thanks to them that it’s possible to detect a crisis – before it actually occurs.

Bezpieczeństwo danych

Sense of security

An automated and fully integrated system brings safety and a sense of greater control – so important in the face of sudden reports.

Dedicated Help Desk – high communication standards for many industries

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