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Tourism sector

The tourism sector refers to the part of the economy focused on providing services to people traveling for both leisure and business purposes. It is one of the most dynamically developing sectors worldwide, significantly impacting the economy, culture, and environment.

React, serve, manage requests — all thanks to our IT technologies for the tourism sector.

IT Solutions for the Tourism Sector

The specific nature of the tourism industry requires modern IT solutions that ensure information flow, provide rapid response to emergency inquiries, and assist in transport management.

Technologies transforming tourism

Innovative IT Solutions for the tourism industry

Contactis Contact Center

The Contact Center System is an open and modular solution, created with the diverse needs of companies in mind.

Contact center solutions offer the tourism industry modern tools to improve customer service quality, increase sales, and build lasting relationships with customers.

  • Queueing systems and automated voice responses mean customers don’t have to wait to connect with a consultant. 
  • Data centralization and easy access ensure that customers receive consistent information, regardless of who they speak with. 
  • Consultants have access to customer history, allowing them to tailor offers to individual preferences.
Contactis Automation
Contactis Automation

A fully automated solution suite supporting teleinformatics customer service. It is based on AI technology, streamlining dialogue and speeding up response time. The Contactis Automation group includes chatbots, voicebots, IVR, and TSS.

  • Bots operate 24/7, assisting with increased traffic during holiday or festive seasons.
  • Automation of the system accelerates and simplifies booking processes, providing customers with a smooth experience. 
  • Customizable messages adapt to changing offers.

Benefits for your travel agency



Automation of processes and response scripts significantly speeds up and streamlines consultants’ work.

Wzrost sprzedaży

Sales growth

Based on collected data, consultants can offer customers additional services or special travel deals that match their preferences and interests.

Zadowolenie klienta

Customer satisfaction and trust

Thanks to quick and precise responses, your customers will feel valued, making them more likely to return.

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