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Solutions for public administration

The public administration sector refers to the structures and government institutions responsible for managing and implementing state policy.

Our IT solutions are the efficiency needed by the public sector.
Integrate and optimize your business with IT solutions for the public sector.
Pirios — modern communication for an efficient public sector.

Public administration

The industry seeks solutions that not only streamline communication in crisis situations but also ensure efficient information flow between dispatch centers and field services. Additionally, they need tools to supervise critical infrastructure such as transportation (roads, railways, airports, and stations), healthcare facilities, and utilities (water, heat, etc.).

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IT solutions for the public sector

Contactis Automation
Contactis Automation

A set of modern automation solutions (voicebot, chatbot, IVR, TSS) supports IT customer service.

  • Automation increases the efficiency of public office workers and shortens response times.
  • Through automation, all information is communicated uniformly and coherently, minimizing the risk of human error.
  • Diversification of communication channels reduces the risk of telephone line congestion.
Contactis Contact Center

A modern omnichannel system integrates multiple communication channels, supporting targeted and fast contact with the client. Combined with voicebots and chatbots, it can be the key to the reliable operation of offices.

  • Continuous service operating 24/7, even outside office hours.
  • Integration with other systems used in offices.
  • Automation (chatbots, voicebots) allows for immediate responses to citizens’ inquiries.



A tool for managing enterprise resources in the field.

  • Automation helps create consistent messages about tasks or failures.
  • The system assists in the optimal allocation of resources and tasks, making field workers more effective and productive. 
  • Predefined scenarios standardize messages and allow for quick communication between employees. 
  • Creating reports and statistics enables a full analysis of work.
Contactis DDesk

D-desk dispatcher console is a modern and effective solution. It integrates all types of voice services that can be used by dispatch services, such as Municipal Bus Companies. It is a primary tool for making and receiving telephone and radio calls.

  • Dispatcher consoles enable quick response and coordination of field service actions in real-time. 
  • D-Desk allows for rapid response to events and optimizes the actions of units responsible for problem-solving.
  • The Phonebook allows easy and fast searching of contacts across multiple devices.
Ticketing system

The ticketing system ensures transparency and efficiency by labeling and monitoring individual reports.

  • Centralization of reports, storing citizens’ requests and complaints in one place.
  • Automation that assigns reports to the right departments. 
  • Tracking progress and monitoring status allows real-time supervision of reports.

Choosing technology in administration — independence and intuitiveness



Offering a range of solutions dedicated to public administration, including contact centers, reporting systems, and fieldwork management, we help build a bridge between citizens and administration.

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With our voicebots and chatbots, we significantly reduce the burden on operators and streamline and standardize the process of handling citizen reports.

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