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Solutions for industry

The industrial sector refers to the branch of the economy engaged in mass-scale goods production. It is a key element of every developed economy, having a direct impact on technological development, employment, and the country’s GDP.

Efficiency in production is within reach thanks to tailor-made solutions from Pirios!

Industrial sector

In such a rapidly developing sector, there are challenges related to customer service, efficient information transmission, and reporting of potential crisis events. For the biggest players, there is a need for solutions that will optimize the process of delivering precise information directly to potential customers.

Industrial sector - IT solutions

Contactis DDesk

A dispatch platform integrated with a GPS system. It enables quick decision-making – also in emergency situations.

  • Combining different communication channels in one tool ensures consistency of messages – from radio communication to voice and telemetric connectivity. 
  • Thanks to the touchscreen, communication management becomes intuitive and convenient. 
  • The presentation of pending calls allows for ongoing control over communication.
Contactis Contact Center

A modern system enabling the integration of multiple communication channels. It supports responsive and fast contact and targeted responses to tickets.

  • Automation using voicebots and chatbots ensures lightning-fast handling of inquiries, reducing waiting time and increasing contractor satisfaction.
  • Regardless of the hour and day, your contractors can always contact the company and receive answers to their questions.
  • Full synchronization with order, logistics, and CRM systems, ensuring precision and up-to-dateness of transmitted information.
Contactis Automation
Contactis Automation

Modern, fully automated tools based on AI (e.g., voicebot, chatbot, IVR, TSS). They support IT customer service while relieving personnel resources.

  • Automation significantly reduces waiting time for service.
  • The systems are based on precise algorithms, minimizing the risk of errors.
  • Unlimited working hours and multilingual bots eliminate time and language barriers.

 This software helps companies manage, streamline, and synchronize daily workflows performed by field workers. This ensures better visibility and control – so important in the industrial sector.

  • The system enables efficient management of activities of service technicians traveling between production halls, as well as sales representatives or inspectors.
  • Process optimization helps track and plan field activities, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. 
  • Mobile apps for your personnel allow constant access to essential information, regardless of location.

Key technologies supporting production


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Process automation

We use AI technology to streamline and automate customer service and resource management processes. Our voicebots and chatbots efficiently respond to customer needs, minimizing the burden on your team.

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