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Optimizing customer contacts at one of the largest tour operators in Poland

Effective Communication on the Go: Implementing Contact Center in a Tourism Company

About the well-known tourism company

The third largest tour operator in Poland, distinguished by a rich history, experience in the industry, and many years of organizing tourist events. In the 2023 season, the company sold 220 thousand trips, serving thousands of customers. The Contact Center team consists of over 100 qualified employees who handle numerous inquiries related to the ever-changing offer daily.


The specifics of the industry led to problems with managing multiple calls simultaneously and difficulties in accessing necessary information collected in real-time.

The constant development of the company and the need for rapid communication with clients necessitated the introduction of a new communication platform capable of:

  • streamlining the work of 100 employees servicing new communication channels,
  • supporting the sales results of the entire CC department,
  • increasing employee efficiency,
  • optimizing and automating current processes in the Contact Center.
From the very beginning of our cooperation with Pirios, we were hugely impressed not only by their deep knowledge in ICT systems but also by the professionalism and commitment of the team.
Director of Contact Center

Implemented solution

In 2022, the tourism industry leader partnered with Pirios. The first step was a detailed audit of the current processes and tools. Based on the results, Pirios recommended the implementation of various components of the Contactis Contact Center system – particularly PeakOne, IVR Siren, and omnichannel Contact Center.

The next recommended modules were responsible for reporting and monitoring – of course, in real-time. Then solutions within the Contactis Contact Center system were introduced, which improved handling of email and chat calls.

The goal was to implement a coherent, multi-channel, and stable solution that supports the customer at every stage of their journey.

Omnichannel for all communication channels.

Strengthening skills and support in the daily work of consultants.

Better organization and handling of reports thanks to the implemented IVR Siren.

The PeakOne platform, which streamlines the handling of incoming and outgoing calls.

Thanks to the stability and functionality of the system, we managed to raise the quality of our customer service to a whole new level. I recommend Pirios to anyone who wants to bring innovation to their contact center.
Director of Contact Center

The recommended and implemented solution not only supports daily customer service but also raises the quality of work for CC consultants. The modules thus improved the handling of all communication channels, supported real-time information flow, and increased efficiency in sales. Thanks to the use of the built-in webchat module, internal communication between employees has been significantly improved. This unique solution is not found in other Contact Center systems. The intended KPIs were thus achieved, the waiting time for a response was shortened, and some processes were automated.

Shorter waiting time for query handling.

Qualified staff who have gained new skills.

Handling numerous queries from various communication channels.

Higher standard of work for CC consultants, who have access to real-time information.

Just great! Full professionalism, substantive meetings, good pace, very good contact, no sugarcoating, Rafał and Emil did a great job. We were also hugely impressed by the knowledge, competence, and communication skills of the implementation team members.
Director of Contact Center

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