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Thoughtful contact center solutions from Pirios for the financial industry

About our client

A company in the financial sector, providing outsourcing services for processing and handling payments for banks and financial institutions in terms of online transactions, ATMs, deposit machines, payment terminals, payment applications, payment cards.


The rapid growth of the company necessitated the introduction of a new communication platform capable of:

  • streamlining the work of even 100 consultants,
  • servicing new communication channels,
  • introducing omnichannel solutions, enhancing the attractiveness and speed of customer service.

„We wanted the complete system replacement to bring about both external and internal change. Primarily, raising the level of service by adding new channels of interaction with the banks’ customers we service and the ability to handle practically an unlimited number of simultaneous conversations, which is important, for example, in case of outages. Another element we focused on was the ability to gather all kinds of data, reports, which are necessary for making managerial decisions.”  – Business Owner of the Implementation Project

Implemented solution:

In October 2021, after a detailed analysis of market solutions, Pirios was selected as the Contact Center system provider. The system included the implementation of the entire call handling mechanism, starting from the implementation of the IPPABX PeakOne platform through the Siren IVR system to the Contactis Contact Center.

Pirios approached the project very professionally. We were afraid of this change, but the involvement of the entire team reassured us and dispelled our fears.
Business Owner of the Implementation Project

The implementation was comprehensive and divided into three stages. In the first, the PeakOne telecommunications platform was implemented, responsible for receiving incoming and outgoing calls. In the second, the implementation of Siren Studio, which manages traffic to the appropriate queues for the relevant consultants. In the final stage, Pirios implemented the contact center, made all integrations with the Client’s domain systems, and trained the staff.


Omnichannel for all communication channels.

Strengthening skills and support in the daily work of consultants.

Better organization and handling of reports thanks to the implemented IVR Siren.

The PeakOne platform, which streamlines the handling of incoming and outgoing calls.


The implemented solution not only provides new possibilities in terms of direct customer service but also raises the standard of work for consultants and supervisors. Today, thanks to this solution, key KPIs have been achieved — for example, reducing the waiting time in the queue for service (a decrease of over 14%). It also solved problems with receiving and managing large telephone traffic. In addition, the entire staff was trained in new solutions, thereby expanding their skills, gaining valuable knowledge, and becoming even more efficient in their daily work.


The entire implementation from signing the contract took 5 months, and each stage was carried out according to the schedule and technical project.

Pirios started with a thorough pre-implementation analysis, pointing out additional areas that could still be optimized. As part of the project, many tools were implemented, such as the "agent less" campaign, which significantly relieved the work of consultants.
Business Owner of the Implementation Project

14% shorter waiting time for query handling.

Trained staff who have gained new skills.

Rozbudowana funkcjonalność

Solution to problems associated with high telephone traffic.

Higher standard of work for consultants.

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