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Technological Synergy: Pirios S.A. joins the Asseco Group

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Since 2022, Pirios S.A. has been a part of the Asseco Group, marking an important step in our continuous evolution as a leading producer and integrator of ICT systems. This strategic move strengthens our position in the market and opens the door to new, exciting opportunities for us and our clients.

The partnership with Asseco Data Systems, which acquired a majority stake in our company, is not only a testament to our past achievements but also an opportunity for further development and expansion, both domestically and internationally. Pirios, as a leader in ‘omnichannel’ class systems, has been supporting the largest Polish companies in effective mass customer communication for years, delivering innovative solutions such as voicebots, chatbots, and systems for managing the 991 energy emergency number.

Paweł Olech, President of the Management Board of Pirios, emphasizes the importance of this acquisition for the further development of our company: ‘This confirms that our development strategy is bringing measurable results. We want to use the synergy and potential offered by Asseco for dynamic growth in international markets.’ Jacek Jacheć, Member of the Management Board of Pirios, adds: ‘Our products, which have been helping companies provide even more efficient customer service for years, will be a perfect complement to the product portfolio offered by Asseco.’

We invite you to read the full article on the Asseco website, where you will find more information about our new partnership and vision for future actions: Asseco invests in Pirios – a leader in digital solutions for customer communication management.

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