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What are the main benefits of using a modern Contact Center system?

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Faced with increasing competition and growing customer demands, enterprises are seeking innovative solutions to enhance the quality of their service and increase operational efficiency. One way to achieve these goals is by implementing a modern Contact Center system from Pirios. This system not only enables efficient communication through various channels but also offers tools for analysis, making it easier to understand the needs and expectations of customers from different sectors.

What does the contemporary customer expect from customer service?

Technological capabilities, the competition for a loyal consumer group, and a strong emphasis on relationship building mean that even a minor error can discourage repeated use of services. This is due to the fact that contemporary customers are increasingly aware of their needs – both in terms of products, quality, and personalized, fast, and efficient service (at every stage of interaction with the brand).

The Zendesk Trends Report (2021) indicated that customers primarily value courteous and friendly service. According to respondents, a friendly attitude is the main indicator of good customer service. The report also found that 49% of those surveyed want employees to show empathy, believing that it enables an organization to better understand their expectations.

Moreover, consumers need flexibility and the option to choose from several contact methods. This aligns with data indicating that companies achieving good results are much more likely to provide customers with a choice of customer service channels.

Customers also expect a quick and accurate response to their inquiries. 73% of respondents in the aforementioned report stated that quickly resolving their problems is the most important element of good customer service. Therefore, to meet these expectations, companies must equip their team with tools that allow for accurate and effective responses.

Benefits for your company after implementing Contact Center

Considering these expectations, companies in sectors including finance, energy, and transportation should consider a Contact Center system, which generally aims to streamline customer contact.

Improving the quality of customer service.

The system was created to generally streamline and automate customer service. Ultimately, it is meant to reduce the waiting time for a response, handling several hundred inquiries simultaneously, which would significantly burden employee resources. Operating 24/7, it enables optimization of business processes, maximizing the efficiency of consultants and reducing the risk of error. AI systems, such as voicebots and chatbots, can provide unprecedented efficiency.

Integration with multiple external systems

Contact Center can be freely integrated with other external systems, providing applications with a range of specific functions. We offer connectors to various external systems, including Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, SAP, Update7, Siebel. All this goes hand in hand with flexibility, as the CC family includes, for example, Call Distribution, which is the main module responsible for handling phone calls, as well as IVR, Scripter, Media Recorder, and others.

This omnichannel integrates various channels and facilitates interaction with the customer. In this way, it ensures centralized communication management and maintains relationships, which are essential for building a competitive advantage.

Data source

Advanced analytical tools, serving as one of the main functions of Contact Center, enable the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data about interactions with customers. This, in turn, helps in better understanding their needs, as well as adapting service and offerings to the indicated expectations. Business planning and making changes are based on specific numbers and conclusions, not “reading tea leaves”.

Team management

Wallboards, through analytics and quality control scorecards for individuals and teams, provide the opportunity to track agent performance. Built-in dashboards allow monitoring of all basic parameters related to work.


Modern Contact Center solutions enable quick scaling of resources depending on current needs. This function is particularly important during seasonal peaks of load and numerous outages that require mass servicing.

Implementing modern Contact Center solutions can significantly contribute to increasing a company’s efficiency, improving customer service quality, and reducing operational costs. In the era of digital transformation, investing in advanced technologies in the service area is key to maintaining market competitiveness.

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